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Indie News provides a forum for musical artists and the industry to discuss the issues and share the tools for attaining success in music, however you may define it. The list is based in Australia, however overseas members are welcome.

This is not intended as a means for individual acts or businesses to promote themselves, but as an opportunity for all acts to get the information they need to get by. Links to websites owned by a member may be listed in the signature of a post. Promotion of other sites, businesses or projects should be kept to a minimum, and should be genuinely beneficial to list members. Posting of gig dates, radio playlists, new releases or posts deemed by a moderator to be of a promotional nature (whether the operation is commercial or otherwise) or of inappropriate content are not allowed. It is recommended that interested members join another discussion list (such as Ausmusic) for these posts.

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The album cover for Kylie Minogue Kiss Me Once.Kylie Minogue is undoubtedly one of the biggest success stories in Australian pop music history and has gained worldwide recognition for her talent around the world for over two decades and continues to impress fans around the world.

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The X Factor is one of the most talked about shows on Australian television and is a popular topic for media around the world. The ability for viewers to vote for their favourite contestant week after week creates extra interest in the weekly results and the progression of each contestant as they sing to be crowned the next winner who amongst other things will get a Sony record deal. This is all sounds fantastic but does that mean Australia will get it right? So far they have voted out some of the most experienced and talented contestants in the show this year including the power singer and drummer Jason Heerah and a very versatile vocalist Reigan Derry while leaving the show with a final three that really makes no sense to me given the mix.

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