By Geoff Ann-Marita
Article By Geoff on Oct 21, 2004



Ann-Marita's self titled album is one of a journey through life and internal self exploration. The scene is set with a the fast paced song called Class of '93 which takes you back to remiss about the class and people in it of 1993 and their achievements and in some cases lack of them afterwards. For somebody who graduated from high school in 1993 this song really hit home for me and leaves me withy thoughts of where people I went to school with may be now.

All songs on the album where written by Ann-Marita and it was produced by Brett Garsed. Production of this album is great, everything comes across loud and clear and it is all mixed well to the standard I have come to expect from indie country music in Australia.

Other favourite tracks on this album are the fourth song "The Hands Of Time" and number seven "More Than Meets The Eye" which is a wonderful song about somebody being as the song says, more than meets the eye, another one I can relate to making this a great album in my opinion.

All in all Ann-Marita's 9 track album is a nicely done album with a good balance of slow, medium and fast paced songs and deep yet still clever and thought provoking lyrics. This is a good indie Australian country album to have in your musical arsenal if you enjoy a wide range of music or are into modern contemporary country music.