Exit - Self Titled Exit - Self Titled
Article By Cindy James on Feb 1, 2003


Sydney based rock out fit ‘Exit’ have compiled a nice + tidy self-titled package. Featuring six of the bands greatest songs to date, slick artwork and a sharp sound that defines the band from no other. The three piece out fit formed back in ’97 as an acoustic act, later to gain a third member and bring their mellow tunes to a easy listening electric rock outfit.


The E.P features crazily catchy guitar hooks with vocals that reach out for sing-a-long participation. The disc progresses through with funky bass lines compiled with poetic lyrics mostly written in vain of the girls… The E.P slows down to almost a ballad in track three with "Gattaca" before up lifting the beat to a 5+ minute song titled "Erection". More various to the groove orientated numbers on the rest of the recording and could make a potential single.

I’d have to go with ‘Gattaca’ being my favourite number on the disc. This is any groove rock fans cup of tea and it lands
3 *** out of 5 ******