Girls Germs - Leaving Brisvegas Girls Germs - Leaving Brisvegas
Article By Cindy James on Feb 25, 2003


After many a hiccups finally see this awesome EP Leaving Vrisvegas’ land in my hands.


Queensland three piece outfit ‘Girls Germs’ are back from a long break, with their highly anticipated EP. The tidy package is compiled together with eye-catching cover artwork and six varietiesed tracks that even have keyboards incorporated into one and a re-mix version of track one to add flavour.

The disc opens with what is definitely my favourite, ‘Cruising the band again’ (which has been gaining radio airplay even before the Ep’s release). It’s more like an apologetic anthem over laced with pop rock guitars, poetic lyrics and powerful baselines compiled with rhymetic drumbeats (working really well together, which are all what make this band really stick out upon others).

The cd slows down during the third track ‘Summer Melt Away’ giving more of a groove rock sound that’s fuled with powerful basslines, and a mellow vocal contrast. This song being another favourite.

The cd also showcases an old track that’s been re-recorded, titled ‘Baywatch Girl’. And nooo it’s not about the TV show… it’s quite catchy and fastens up the pace for the next song ‘Ride The Wave’. Opening with clear, clean vocals that cut through before the music breaks to.

All in all, I am really impressed with this EP and it’s definitely a must own for your CD collection.

9 out of 10