Mark Pengilly - Nothing Borrowed Mark Pengilly - Nothing Borrowed
Article By Kath on Jan 30, 2003


Melbourne-based contemporary acoustic singer/songwriter Mark Pengilly has released his 2nd album 'Nothing Borrowed.'
(Not to be confused with the Ben Lee song!)

Mark is also a comedy/writer and performer as well as a busker and original musician and has been at it since 1982. No mean feat.

'Nothing Borrowed' is his 2nd full length album and features 12 songs. Starting with 'Gee Geelong' a cruisy, acousticy tune complete with some nice harmonica. An ode to Geelong in Victoria perhaps?

Next up is 'Part Time Mormon' which features the mighty recorder and musically is in the same vein as the first track. Mark's music is chill-out, acousticy with some nice instruments giving it almost a summery feel. The CD's recording is very clear and bright. Vocally Mark has a kind of talking singing style and although not the world's greatest vocalist the music more than makes up for it.

'Pedro don't Go' features some good backing vocals and 'A Loner Alone' starts with piano and also brings in the harmonica as well.

There's some catchy and clever song titles in 'Autopsy in Topsy Turvydom' and 'Carla...from Typecast to Typist.'

There is also some really nice acoustic guitar on the CD. Fans of good quality acoustic - based tunes would like this CD.

To contact Mark and get a copy of this CD email him at-

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