Olivia Eden - As Good As It Gets Olivia Eden - As Good As It Gets
Article By Geoff on Jun 28, 2003


Olivia Eden - As Good As It Gets
Label - Risky Records

Olivia who is no stranger to the Sydney live pop scene and has just released her new EP titled "As Good As It Gets".

This 4 track EP from singer-songwriter Olivia Eden is a fantastic display of song writing and delivers an equal standard of musical talent to boot. The EP has some very catchy pop music performed by various artists including Stephen Rae on keyboards and Terepai Richmond on drums behind some great sounding vocals from Olivia. The lyrics on this EP are simple yet deep and meaningful making a great pop EP for young and old music lovers.

The songs that stand out to me on this EP are "Faithful Traveller" which is a drifty sounding song which reminds me of times where I stick to my guns despite everything else convincing me otherwise and "As Good As It Gets" which takes me to times where I am waiting for somebody else to meet my expectations and reflects well the confusion when people don't do as I expect.

The EP takes you on a journey of life, tears and triumphs and makes an ideal prelude to her up and coming album "Faithful Traveller".

"As Good As It Gets" has surpassed my expectations and I look forward to hearing more from Olivia in the future.

"As Good As It Gets" will be in stores as of the 01-July-2003.