Article By Kath. Passionbox - Another Face
Article By Kath on Jul 24, 2002

Passionbox's new CD "Another Face" contains 13 acoustic-driven songs that are a breath of fresh air amongst all the heavy, tuneless bands we have to endure at the moment.

Their CD has great artwork which has been put together really well and the CD itself was recorded at Metropolis Studios.

The band is a sixpiece and besides acoustic guitars, drums, bass, etc, also includes violin, cello, piano and mandolin.

The CD has everything from upbeat pop in tracks like opener "Walking Away" to the piano ballad "The Vandals".

The band has had a previous release out in 2000 called "Dripping with the Salt of Desire" which I presume is still available and should be chased up.

I'm sure I have heard them played on Richard Kingsmill's shows on Triple J not that long ago and I remembered the band's name.

Check out this CD and try to catch them when next they play Melbourne. They rock! (In an acoustic way.)

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