Review of The Sweet Smell of Success CD. Problem-The Sweet Smell of Success
Article By Kath on Nov 17, 2002


Problem are a Melbourne outfit headed by Perry De Valera and have a CD out called 'The Sweet Smell of Success.'

Perry sung and played guitar bass and drums on this 10 track CD as well as having some other guitarists involved as well.

This is strange music. It's dark, but more vocally than musically. Perry has a deep gravelly talking vocal style that could come from a Vincent Price horror movie with some dark lyrics but the music is not death metal by a long stretch.

The first two tracks have some vocal sampling with the second song featuring a sample from what sounds like an message on an answering machine.

Track nine 'Fuego' is the only instrumental and the closing song 'The Village Idiot' has some funny lyrics. But are they meant to be funny?

The lyrics are interesting but pretty angry as you'd imagine.

This music has to be heard to be believed. Is it tounge in cheek or serious? You decide.

It is unique if anything.

To grab a copy of this CD you can email Problem at -

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