Review of QuarterMile - 'Smiles and Frowns.' By Kath QuarterMile - 'Smiles and Frowns.'
Article By Kath on Jul 3, 2003


QuarterMile are a pop/punk band from Sydney and have their debut EP out called 'Smiles and Frowns'.

QuarterMile play quite-capable Blink182 style pop/punk and have some good melodies in their songs. It in fact reminds me more of early Blink, before the polish. Especially the muteing guitar style in the first few tracks.

It all sounds fine but am not sure if this burnt cd I was sent is the final mix or a mix in progress, as I think a bit more production is in order. It's fine for a demo but probably needs a bit more, unless they're going for that lo-fi sound, I guess.

I don't have the band's bio so I don't know anything about them except they're on Eightball Records and the singer/guitarist is the A&R of Eightball and also the management.

Look, all this is fine except for a couple of things I have to point out:

I have no track listing of the five songs which makes it really hard to talk about a particular song, I have no bio of the band, and in the (very professional) letter I was sent I had to look very hard to even find the name of the band!

Other bands take heed of this stuff when sending me something 'cause it makes my work a lot easier!

Apart from all that, I like this style of music so it's all good.

You can email the band at-

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