Simian Gibbet EP Simian Gibbet EP
Article By Kath on Jan 5, 2003


Simian Gibbet are a young Melbourne lot who are influenced by Pantera, Mr Bungle and The Deftones and who do well on the All Ages scene. They have 5 track EP out.

I can see how these guys would go down well on the All Ages scene. Kids love this kinda music. They've played at some good venues and had some good supports and play EV's alot which is a great All Ages venue in Melbourne.

It's heavy new school rock. A hybrid of everything-metal,rock,rap,jazz which they do really well.

They are tight as fuck which I guess you need to be doing this kind of music. Congrats for that alone. Track 3 'Marshmallows' even has an incredibly quiet middle bit. These guys fit every style of music into one song.

It's well recorded and was mastered by Joe at Crystal Mastering so we know they didn't skimp.

Check em out when they next play near you.

They also have a  website at -