By Cindy Something With Numbers
Article By Cindy James on Sep 2, 2002


From the NSW’s Scenic Central Coast come 5-piece outfit ‘Something With Numbers’ debuting their gut wrenching new disc on Below Par Records.


‘The Barnacles & Stripes E.P’ is more than an outstanding recording and for a first release, this is a promising disc that’s set to open more than a few eyes.


With a guitarist named Gravy and power tunes that rock your socks off, SWN leave this picture with a thousand words to tell. But I’m going cut it down a little shorter.


The E.P contains a collaboration of vocal contrast, conventional singing, gut wrenching screaming and a emo/hardcore style drumming that kicks in with an up beat-punchy tempo.


‘Denenenenenena’ is the opening track on this six-song recording, with a head nodding rhythm that leads you into ‘We Can Succeed’, an extremely powerful number, filled with guitar orientated tunes, warming you up for the next track to come. ‘Wednesday’ is featured on the labels Compilation, Caddy Of the Year 2 and is a rhyming cathartic release of emotion, that gave me the satisfaction of wait well worth it.



For every Saves The Day fan, this is your dream come true. A different style of emotional punk rock that’s lighter than new hardcore but manages keep the adrenaline stream, showing focus on melodically catchy, yet poetic song writing that portrays meaning, both obvious and subtle.


Both ‘What I believe’ and ‘Wednesday’ are my two favourite numbers on this disc but the E.P as a whole has landed a rating of 8.5 /10.