CD Review By Cindy James. Sweetchuck
Article By Cindy James on Jun 25, 2002

Sweetchuck are a power pop punk foursome from down town Melbourne, Just releasing their friendly punk rock latest release, titled “Fast Cars and Lead guitars”.

All 10 tracks of this 3rd E.P release were recorded at Birdland studios. Having most of the songs shine different influences that stream throughout this recording, ranging from the opening track “Sundays” which gives a mixture of The Beatles meeting new school punk rock, throwing out guitar orientated melodies and hard drum beats, having the foot taping catchy rhythms not escaping your mind.

Another example of this would show with track 7 “Ordinary” which has a melodic yet catchy beat, meshing the rocking sounds of Motor Ace to Sweetchuck’s own harder version of pop, with their rock edge.

Fast Cars and Lead Guitars is a sometimes fast yet laid back release, with vocals that reach out for sing-a-long participation and humorous yet expressive lyrics poured into these songs. An easy listening and I’ve given it a 4 **** outta 5 *****

The second Sweetchuck CD I had a listen to was their Self Titled EP. Released in 2001. This four-track disc has more of a contrasting underlay of punk rock beats then the above release I mentioned, punching out a more of a catchy feel.

All four members being songwriters in this band has brought them to the level of tight rocking membership that shows through their music.

Both are awesome releases though I’d rate this E.P a 3*** outta 5*****