Tantrum - Four Reasons Why

Tantrum - Four Reasons Why
Article By Cindy James on Feb 6, 2003


Ok I received this CD around three hours ago…

 and it’s been played somewhat thirteen times. I found two potential singles on this recording. I’m really impressed!

After nine months together this four piece Perth rock outfit have come to the release of their highly anticipated debut, titled ‘Four Reasons Why’. This is no ‘been there, done that’ band.

The opening song ‘At School’ erupts with a powerful drumbeat and around one-minute of pure music. Leading the disc into ‘My Parade’, which innovates a more up beat tempo focusing on the pop elements produced via the band. The dumming’s a lot faster, the guitar adrenalin is a lot catchier, with the bass lines being a lot sharper.

Slowing down now with ‘Centrepiece’. I can see this song a potential single with the extremely catchy chorus. Highly emotive vocals and intense guitar hooks. The music is composed well and kept in time with the poetic lyrics.

The last track ‘Strength of Character track’ would be my favourite off the E.P. The cathartic vocals entwine with the emotive lyrics and more intense guitar hooks, making this a well-compiled song. Another potential single here.

Keep your eyes peeled as I have a feeling these guys are here to stay.