By Kath. The Baedeker Trick CD
Article By Kath  on Aug 9, 2002

I have never heard of this band before hearing this CD.

The Baedeker Trick are from Melbourne and formed in 2000. They started life as a cover band. By the looks of their bio the covers they did were actually quality ones, with acts such as Radiohead, Muse, Jeff Buckley, Powderfinger, Smashing Pumpkins, etc. It was only this year they turned original. The band consists of five songwriters and are between the ages of 20-25.

Their originals obviously are influenced by the covers they did but what impresssed me about this CD is the maturity of the songwriting and the excellent musicianship.

The first track "Alone" is a really pretty song with a haunting female vocal throughout the song, yet there doesn't seem to be a female in the band. A friend of the band's perhaps? (Ha! I have since found out it is actually the male singer!)

In the second track, "The Voyeur" you can hear the Jeff Buckley and Pumpkins influences especially. Also Muse. A quieter Muse.

Next up is "Magic Alex" which has a great bass line throughout. I've already mentioned the word haunting but need to mention it again as it sums up the band's sound perfectly and it's also great to hear new music which isn't the standard Triple J pop/punk fare or heavy Limp Biscuit stuff. It's great when a young band do their own thing and don't just play what's cool.

The rest of the CD's tracks follow the same path with some interesting vocals, guitar parts and drumming.

Fans of texture and quality as opposed to one-dimentional loudness should check out this band.

They are currently recording another CD.

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