By Kath The Fallen Archers (Now called Heathen Sway)- Sweet F.A.
Article By kath on Oct 22, 2002


The Fallen Archers were a Melbourne outfit who had an EP out recently called Sweet F.A.

Since then the band has parted ways and changed their name to Heathen Sway but will be still doing some of the same songs with singer/songwriter/guitarist Rick Hart still at the fore.

The Fallen Archers (Now known as Heathen Sway) would be best described as American sounding rootsy/ folky/pop with influences as diverse as The Rolling Stones, The Who, Neil Young, Velvet Underground, Gram Parsons, The Beatles, The Byrds and even Johnny Cash.

Singer Rick Hart has a tuneful, melodic voice which suits the music really well. There are also some very nice harmonies happening as well.

First track 'Black Market Man' has some nifty bass happening and backing vox as well.

'In Reverse' follows a similar vein and includes some cool organ as well.

Though I am not really that into this kind of music preferring  more English influenced alternative stuff as oppossed to American rootsy stuff, what they do, they do very well.

Next up is 'Blanket for my Soul.' I like the line about 'Madness or sanity or herbal tea won't  put things right'. Rick  has some clever lyrics happening.

Last track is 'Roadside Fate' a slower song complete with rimshots and shakers with a sweet melodic chorus.

Heathen Sway have been playing acoustic around the traps in Melbourne recently while they look for a new guitarist.

Check them out if they're playing near you.

Check out their new website-