By Kath The New demo
Article By Kath on Jul 13, 2004


The New are a Bendigo band who sent me their demo. (What is it with all these Bendigo bands, something in the water?)

I don't have a track listing which makes it hard (guys, remember the track listing!) but the first song is pretty heavy, but in an alternative heavy way, not in a dirty rock n roll way. With Sonic Youth as an influence, that is pretty apt. The vocals aren't a strong point in my opinion, but they do the job and suit the style of music.

Next track has light and shade and some good guitar work.

Track 4 has a bit of Jeff Buckley going on, as does Track 5, which is probably my favourite, the vocals seem mixed better and the music isn't as jagged or abrupt. A different recording, perhaps? 

Same goes for track 6, I think the final tracks are much stronger than the first few but I don't know their names so I don't know what they are!!!

Heaps of potential here, though.

Check out their website -