CD review by Adam. The Rebirth Of Fool Volume 2 (Dual Plover)
Article By Adam on Jun 5, 2002

Artist: Dual Plover
Album: The Rebirth Of Fool Volume 2
Label: Dual Plover
CAT#: 244-fkj

The Rebirth Of Fool Volume 2 has been compiled by DJ Smallcock of Sydney experimental label Dual Plover. It was released in 2001 and contains 25 tracks of mostly Australian experimental music artists. As with the current Dual Plover project, the Chad Morgan tribute album, submissions were asked for on the Dual Plover website and on various mailing lists etc. I have never heard of most of the artists on the album however I do recognise two overseas artists known in avant garde circles Melt Banana and Sweden who also have an album out on the label. Some of the interesting tracks are 04 which is a computer voice putting somebody down to some noise in the background 05 a country and western tune, 08 a very strange radio conversation on 2GB Sydney 12 a cut up mix of a John Farnham track 16 a groovy electro pop track 20 is a slow beaty electronic track and 26 which is uncredited sounds like an 80s horror movie synth soundtrack singing about 'nudist colonies of the dead'. Parodies of country & western, ballads and pop music is popular, something I have been noticing in many releases of late. The album is a good introduction to the different techniques local people are using to create different kinds of experimental music now days.

01 vivi - healthy thing
02 melt banana - flash section
03 funky terrorist - paku paku
04 damien gooley - fat fuckin weird ugly cunt
05 new waver - chadstone
06 sweden - school's out (columbine mix)
07 stacey longbottom and the tom - true love
08 sister gwen mckay - vegetable items
09 spasmodics - me samsum
10 kitchen poofter - i can't hear your music i'm sorry
11 etahan walls - kula se dada
12 sa3 - your james joyce
13 golden device - custard or pus
14 jobs daughters - free from the city
15 delire - nashville
16 mute freak - go connecta
17 bradbury - i like ike (84)
18 simon abulafia - facer
19 m.o. - eat
20 spanky - hot diggidy
21 toydeath - sesame saki
22 meat paste - third movement
23 vocabularinist - splat
24 the shit - i gotta know
25 burner - private dancer

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