Event review of Alarmed But Not Alert at The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle 04-OCT-2003. dualpLOVER Alarmed But Not Alert
Article By adam on Nov 2, 2003


Event: Alarmed But Not Alert

Venue: The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
Date: 04 10 03
Music: Noise, Experimental, Hip Hop, Childrens Play

I unfortunately arrived at this gig a little late and missed out on seeing the Suicidal Rap Orgy and also missed Smallcock's naked body being rubbed on the window of the pub that the gig was at, i have been assured there was all kinds of noises and such being made from the rubbing but it does sound like a very erotic act.

The first act i saw was Renegade Rabbit (A young schoolgirls search for her missing pet rabbit), imagine a primary school play, now imagine the play with a sci fi theme, the kids all in there mid 20s wering very skimpy outfits and you have Renegade Rabbit. Not much needs to be said except that this nees to be done more, great entertainment value.

The Von Crapp Family are Mum, Dad, teenage son and younger son.  Mr Von Crapp was being a virtuoso on dodgy noisy guitar while the wife was breaking records using whatever was at hand. I cant recall what the teen son was doing for most of the performance but i do remember him looking a bit androgynous and then confusing me even more by coming onstage with ballons for tits. The youngest Von Crapp was doing his best to break eggs over Dad's head but he was unfortunately lacking some of the needed strength. Five stars for inspiring me to create my own musical family.

AC/3P is hard rock sci fi style. I was highly impressed with the track on the Ministry Of Shit compilation and thought i must hear more, i was quite please to see AC/3P on the flyer for this gig. The show started with a classic AC/DC opener with the bell chiming loudly for Hell's Bell's until the riff slowly comes in nicley over the top. AC/3P was attired in a shiny gold suit wearing a C3-PO mask and acommpanied by a man dressed very much like Brian Johnson or maybe it was just the hat? Being an AC/DC fan from wayback i was thankful for the opportunity to sing along to all of the old faves again. There was an AC/3P CD being sold on the night also and that was a great sing-a-long for the drive back to Sydney. Great set all up and for the finale he danced around wildly to a nicely distorted mix of the imperial march.

Slesu + Mr Tape is made up of guys from Curse Ov Dialect and what seemed like other assorted members of the audience. If you have seen COD before then this was like a COD show but with more violence and mayhem, and if you havent seen COD before then you should. There was a stick / staff / pole / didgeridoo looking thing on stage being twirled around that came very close to taking some people out on more then one occasion.

The Purple Duck also made an appearence on stage sometime during the night after his fantastic win at the MC Battle earlier in the evening. The Purple Duck is aka MC Syphon and is a quite capable rhymer. He performed a few tracks and did some freestyling with Adam and some of the other guys from Curse Ov Dialect. Rank Sinatra, the old crooner,  also made an appearence during the night taking time out from his schedule of promoting his new album out on V/Vm Test Records.

Winner is the supergroup of dodgy bootleg other peoples song distorting cover bands. Sweden on lead guitar and vocals, Swerve of Spazzmodics fame on bass, a gent whose name i cantr recall on sax, Bradbury controlling the electronics and up the back in what looked like just a good excuse to put on a dress the Toecutter on tamborine. These guys grooved along to many hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s with obligatory guitar solos and hip grinding. Some of the tracks they did were Bohemian Rhapsody and Smells Like Teen Spirit. All said it was a great show with classic music and to die for costumes.

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