Frost Intervew. Frost Interview
Article By Kath on Jul 27, 2003


1) What has the band been upto since I talked to you last?

This year we have appeared on two compilations. One titled, 'the SBS Whatever Sessions' thru -Universal Music (Aus) and the other titled, 'Independence - Volume One' thru By Design Records/MGM. 

2) Have you been playing a lot of gigs or touring interstate or anything?

Unfortunately no. We are currently looking for a drummer to join the band.

3) You're featured on two new compilation cds. Tell me about that and about the songs on them.

Well the song on - 'the sbs Whatever Sessions' is called, 'You and Me'. It's very melodic and guitar driven with a melancholic vibe to it. That song was picked up by Nova 100 and received high rotation. SBS also commissioned an animation company to create a music clip to it, which has been receiving a bit of exposure.

The other compilation, "Independence - Volume One" has an older track of ours called, 'Living'. That's a really great tune that the boys and I haven't played for awhile. This CD has some really great Aussie bands on it, like - Skulker, Bluebottle Kiss, Rhubarb and Genevieve Maynard.

4) How do you see the rest of 2003 panning out?

Really good. I hope to be recording soon and maybe some possible gigs?

5) Anything you'd like to add?

Yer, why not? Frost have a website. And we always like people dropping in! Cheers.