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Article By Cindy James on Feb 5, 2003


The bands' debut into the scene back in '97 came across quite loud and sharp, however, after your second recording, and an East Coast tour, the band seemed to diminish, only to return with a bang early this year. Can you tell us a little bit about the bands' break, the desires to hit up the scene once again and if it's a matter of picking up where you left off?


Yeah – I guess it is has come across like that. We certainly have been busy in the in between times touring north and west Queensland. Being totally independent means that you only have so much money and time to spend and I guess as we concentrated on these other areas we must have appeared to drop off the radar a little bit. Mixed in also was a change in line-up and some financial issues with Oracle Records, our distributor, going bust and evaporating along with all the money they owed us. Challenging days. I laughed as I was filling out our APRA live performance return when I realised that in this time when we basically took 6 months off, we still averaged 2 shows a week…..crazy.

So your new E.P is two years in the making, sounds like alot of work! 

Definitely. Lots of demoing and consultation with people we respect. It has taken longer than we planned – nearly 18months since inception, but it certainly has resulted in something special for the Germs. Hopefully others will feel the same.

You guys landed on this years Gold Coast Big Day Out, which is a great achievement, how did your set go and you find the day?

Talk about rock and roll dreams coming true!!! We had a great day. The set went very well and feedback from the punters on our website has been excellent. I was so charged on the day that one of the new songs "Cursing the band again" which we had Jeff our drummer playing along to a click track, felt way too slow, but that was just the adrenalin talking.

Is there any other major support slots in the works for Girls Germs?

No major supports coming up at the moment. We just supported SNUFF who were awesome as usual! Nice guys and took the ribbing about the cricket well.

Will we be seeing a tour in support of your next E.P, ‘Leaving Brisvegas’?


Definitely. Plans are in the pipeline to see Girls Germs do an east coast tour in March which will see us hit Adelaide for the first time. Stay tuned to for further details.

'Leaving Brisvegas' was produced by Jeff Lovejoy, who has previously worked with artists like Tex Perkins, Powderfinger, Resin Dogs + I’m sure many more, how did you find working with Jeff, and what are your thoughts on the final production?

Jeff Lovejoy is a rock legend. We have a great relationship with Jeff, which started on the last mini album. He is great to work with and he seems to enjoy working with all of us. A man of few words, but when he speaks it is always worth listening to. He even makes a cameo appearance in "Download My Heart" with a metal lick straight out of the Eighties hair metal rock bible. Again, the band and Jeff Lovejoy are very happy with the final result. 


So what’s the story behind your funky attires worn at this years Big Day Out, Is it the new uniform for your live shows?

Yes – our UN INFECTOR outfits. Girls Germs are a very social conscious band. We felt it was time to take the piss out of the very serious world climate at the moment. Things are getting pretty scary all over. It also partially came about from an early working title we had for the EP "Germ Warfare". We ended up changing our minds about the title but though the gag was perfect for a rock smorgasbord like BDO.

I hear on the grape vine you’re a bit of a video producer? Did you produce your own clips that were released from either of your previous recordings?

I am a video producer. One of the many hats I wear. I didn’t produce the "Baywatch Girl" clip or the "Skateboard" clip as they were done way back before I was set up. I did cut together "I Go To Work" from heaps of our live footage and we have plans for a few more clips to go with the release of "Leaving BrisVegas" 


I also hear a track of yours, ‘Baywatch girl’ seems to have an underlying meaning and may not be about the bikini clad ladies on the tv show, any chances of spilling the tale about the come about of?

You’re right about that – where have you been getting your facts from??? Baywatch Girl is actually about a girl I once saw in playing in a punk rock band way back in 95 (don’t quote me on the date). Her name was Karen, she was rad and she played in a Brisvegas punk band called "Baywatch" . The band and the venue I saw them at are long since defunct.

Hehehehheheh…. I have my connections Bryan ;) - Over the years, what do you feels’ been the bands greatest achievement?

That’s a good question. Sometimes you get so caught up in looking for the next achievement that you don’t take time to enjoy what you’ve done. I guess getting on BDO was pretty up there – but really that is just the icing on the cake. I guess I’m just stoked that whatever the band has achieved over its life has been solely a result of the band – we are very DIY….(sometimes to our detriment). I guess that is something to be proud of though.

Few quick questions….

What was the last gig you went to that you didn’t play at?

Carus at the Alley Bar Milton a few weeks ago.

  • Cd you brought? Liars – They threw us in a trench and built a monument ontop of us – pretty funny cd
  • All time favourite disc? Hard to pick but Fugazi – Thirteen songs would be in the running and one of the Weezer albums

Where do you see the band in 12 – 18 months time? Touring and on the verge of anther release.

Is there a website we can catch Girls Germs on?

O.K have you got any words to sum up?– Music is a really great thing – just enjoy it.

  • Cheers Cindy