Interview with Head Cage. Head-Cage
Article By Cindy James on Nov 12, 2002



Cindy: So what’s the current line-up of Head-Cage and who plays what in the band?

Mark: Mark – Vocals, Lee – Drums, Gary – Guitars, Walt - Bass

Cindy: And where’s the band based?

Mark: We are all Sydney lads

Cindy: Were you all in a high school band together or did the band form elsewhere?

Legion, MaKk, gAz and Walt

Mark: We all came from different backgrounds and different bands. It's very incestuous in a lot of ways, different band stealing different members to make up better bands etc. Walt and Gary were playing together and Lee answered an add and told me about it basically... it all started

Cindy: All In a kind of 'meant to be' way....

Mark Well everything is meant to be... isn't it?

Cindy: hahah true that

Mark: Our experiences make us who were are

Cindy: Yeah fully, How long ago did the band form?

Mark: Well Lee answered an add in January 2002 and we went and met Gary and Walt, we hit it off straight away and were in the studio the next week writing

Cindy: Hah so there's no stuffing round with this band!

Head-Cage is a fairly thought provoking name, How did it come about?

Mark: It took us 6 months to think of a name, we went through literally hundreds of names and Walt came up with the idea of Head-Cage. We loved it straight away. The idea behind it was not just to sound cool but make you think about it's meaning. It's kinda like a trapped thought...

Cindy: Ah k cool, the name certainly doesn't put the band into a square shaped box that's for sure, if you could pigeon hole your bands category, what style of music would you class yourselves?

Mark: Well I hate pigeon holing bands (especially my own) but I would say that bands like Sevendust, Superheist, deftones, Incubus would be the closest resemblance as far as our sound goes but there are huge 80's influences in our writing which you can probably hear

Cindy: What would your greatest achievement as a band to-date be?

Mark: Everything we do together is a great achievement, we all love making music but the best feeling is when you come out with a product and listen to people’s response to

It. We are currently half way through recording our debut EP and the first 2 tracks have received a great response. That's the best feeling, when you know that something you have had a part in creating makes someone go "wow, cool"

Cindy says Yeah I definitely know the feeling!

Is there a release date or title insight for the debut recording?

Mark: We are looking at having it ready for release by March 2003

It is entitle "Sans Divine". It means "without divinity" we aren't trying to kid anybody hahaha

Cindy says: heheh cool, what 3 bands have you played with in the past?

Mark: Playground, Unsaid and Lik-Wid

Cindy: And 3 bands you'd like to play with in the future?

Mark Possible upcoming shows with 3 point tilt, they are very cool guys, Superheist & the Butterfly effect... as far as ozzie bands go anyway.

Cindy: What was the last gig you went to that your band didnt play at?

Mark says: Three Point Tilt, Unsaid, Fragment and Inch of Reason at Manly Fisho's

Cindy: – C.D you brought?

Mark says: Last CD i bought was "Welcome" by Taproot

Cindy: All time favourite disc?

Mark: All time fave cd would have to be "Make Yourself" from Incubus

Cindy says: kick ass thats a good CD

Mark: yes it most certainly is

Cindy: Where do you see yourself in 12-18 months?

Mark: Promoting the EP and hopefully doing interstate gigs etc. If the reactions of others are any indication, we should be doing well.

Cindy: Great! Well good luck with it! Is there a Website we can catch Head-Cage on?

Mark says:

sure is and

Mark: Imagine sounds of old and new, an epidemic and a breath of fresh air, imagine music you can feel right through you... that is Head-Cage

Cindy: Sweeeet thanks so much for your time Mark and best of luck!

Mark: Thank you very much Cindy