by cindy Headkase
Article By Cindy James on Sep 3, 2002



  1. So what’s the current line-up of Headkase and who plays what in the band?

There are 6 members of Headkase: Nutty Spotswood (Vocals), Raleigh Valemont (Lead Guitar), Trizza Sykes (Rhythm Guitar), Brett The Tic Hansen (Keyboard),

Dylan DK Star Kreis (Bass), and Toddy Fat Ankles Hansen (Drums).


  1.  Do you find much support for the style of music you play in your home town of brisvages?

We find our fanbase is continually growing. We mix a lot of different styles, so we attract a lot of different people, from metalheads to ravers and everyone in between. The goth community have been taking an interest as well. As for Brisbane’s support for metal in general, I think it’s pretty healthy. But people either love it or hate it.


  1. Were you all in a high school band together or did the band form elsewhere?

Some of us knew each other in school, but we weren’t all in a high school band together. We’ve been in other bands before, and a few of us were in bands together before, but Headkase as we are today formed after we were all out of school.


  1. How long ago did that happen?

18 months ago.


  1. How did the band name come about?

Well for one, we’re all pretty crazy, insane people. We’ve all had experiences that have hurt us or changed us in some way which has kind of lead to our insanity. The word ‘headcase’ came to Todd’s mind during an early jam session. He thought that would be a good name for a song, but then somehow we thought it would be better to call the band “Headcase”. After our first gig, we changed the ‘c’ to a ‘k’ and spelt the band name “Headkase”.


  1. What style of music you would guys say you played?

We’re often described as “circus-metal with a techno twist”. It’s metal mixed with everything else. We’ve combine heavy metal with  jazz, salsa, trance, drum ‘n’ bass, punk, hip hop and the merry music of the carnival.


  1. What would your greatest achievement as a band to-date be?

There have been a few, but every gig is an achievement. We just love playing. Our biggest achievements to date, though, would have to be playing with The Testeagles, playing at The Arena (a major venue in Brisbane), Rapid Festival, and being accepted to  play an upcoming gig with Devolved.


  1. Can you tell us what some of the musical influences behind Headkase consist of?

Nutty's into bands like Coal Chamber, Raleigh has 80s metal influences like Megadeth, Trizza's into stuff like Pantera, Dylan's a bit of a Mike Patton fan (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas), Todd likes really heavy stuff like Slipknot and death metal, and then my influences come from trance and trip-hop kinda stuff like Portishead and Hybrid, as well as drum 'n' bass like The Bird from Sydney, but also the circusy Mr. Bungle kinda stuff too. With all of these styles combined, we've come up with something really different and original. We’re all into a wide range of music which expands further than those listed. We all enjoy a bit of dance music and some folk and jazz and stuff. And I can appreciate a lot of heavier stuff as well. Otherwise I wouldn't be playing in a heavy band.


  1. Do you guys have any previous releases or future recording plans in sight?

We have a demo CD called “The Beginning” which we sell at gigs, and we’re currently recording an EP.


  1. Supporting the Testeagles at previous gigs as well as playing this years Rapid festival would’ve been great for you guys! How did you like the taste of the festival scene compared to pub gigs?

Playing festivals are great! The outdoor sound is awesome, we play harder, and it’s a rare opportunity for us to play to an “all ages” crowd. The pub scene's good, but only if it's a good venue (such as Brisbane's QSM Basement) dedicated to live original bands, and not some of these sleazy old suburban pubs where you're playing to a couple of old men at the bar. We like playing to younger moshing crowds and fans who are there to see us, and who are there to see live bands in general.


  1. Do you have any gigs coming up we should keep our eyes open for?

Yes. Brisbane readers can see us opening for Devolved at the QSM Basement on September 29. Japunga and Sun’s Owl (Japan) are also playing. Also: October 19 at Ruski's National Hotel (Toowoomba) and October 23 at QSM Basement, both with Adelaide's The Undamynd.


  1. What 3 bands would you love to play with in the future?

Slipknot, Mr. Bungle, and Pantera. We’d also say Devolved, but that wish is being granted.


*5 Quick questions
- Boxers or Briefs?
- 1 chosen food to eat the rest of your life? Pizza.
- Fast driving or cruisin’? Cruisin.

- Piercings or tattoos? Both.

-  Moshing, skankin’ or watching? Moshing and watching.


  1. What was the last gig you went to you didn’t play at?

Todd went to see Devolved recently. He and Nutty also saw Sausage Chopper the other night. And I went and saw Gazoonga Attack recently. We always go and see both local and touring acts.


  1. – C.D you bought?

OK the last CDs we all bought or received as presents… Nutty: Andrew W.K., Raleigh: Rob Zombie – The Sinister Urge and The Blackest Album (Industrial Remixes of Metallica songs), Trizza: Korn – Untouchables and Strapping Young Lad – City, Dylan: The Best of Ricky Martin, Toddy: Devolved – Automation EP, and myself (Brett): Mr. Bungle – Disco Volante.


  1. All time favourite disc?

Todd’s is Slipknot – Iowa. All of mine are favourites in different ways, and I think that would be mostly the same all round. There’s too many to choose from.


  1. Where do you see yourself in 12-18 months?

Hopefully playing more gigs outside of Brisbane, with healthy sales of our EP Australia-wide. Also, Big Day Out.


  1. Is there a website we can catch headkase on?




O.K have you got any words to sum up Headkase?

Our live performances are crazy, theatrical, loud and hard. Look out for us and our upcoming EP. And two more words to sum up Headkase… Welded Mesh!