Article By Cindy James King Pin Records
Article By Cindy James on Jun 22, 2002


Cindy: Hey! Can you tell us a bit about your position at King Pin and what you do?

Dave: Both Myself (Dave Banning) and Rory are equal partners here at Kingpin. The label is still only new so task delegation is not really in place yet. I take care of the Promotions, Public Relations and media.

Cindy: Is King Pin a full time thing for you?

Dave: I wish! Haha. I work full time at a crappy telemarketing place and play in a band myself, Kingpin stuff gets done on weekends, after work, and in any spare time we get. But I am not in a hurry, I would rather build things up slowly, eventuating it to full time.

Cindy: Where abouts is the label based?

Dave: Central Coast NSW. The Coast is full on at the moment, so many good bands. It felt like the right time to do this.

Cindy: Where did the inspiration and idea of starting this label arise?

Dave: I have played in bands since I was about 15 (see next question!) and have always wanted to work in the industry. We saw labels like Below Par start up and thought, hey we can do that. I already had contacts established and knew a fair bit about punk and a few different scenes so that was it, Kingpin was born.

Cindy: You guys have created this label at a fairly young age, where did you find the motivation and direction to get started?

Dave: Thankyou Cindy you are very kind, but I turn 25 in a few weeks. Rory is 21. But flattery will get you everywhere. Haha.

Cindy: Were there any specific courses you took to learn the ins and outs of the music industry or has it all been a learning curve?

Dave: No. Everyone I know who owns a label says the same thing, its just common sense and perseverance.

Cindy: How did the name King Pin come about?

Dave: Gangster movies. I wish I was a gangster, they’re cool. Why you got a problem with that? :)

Cindy: Errmmm … I’m to scared to say :P

Cindy: How many bands do you have signed up to your label at present?

Dave: We have only one band at the moment, Forget About Tomorrow. This will be our first release and after that comes out we will be looking around. It is not feasible to have a hundred releases all at once so we are going to go release to release.

Cindy: Are you looking at signing Australian Only bands or is there a chance of broadening your horizons in the future?

Dave: The idea was to push the Aussie scene and give good hard working bands the exposure and resources they need. But I guess that’s something we could eventually look at.

Cindy: What is the Anticipated release from ‘Forget About Tomorrow’?

Dave: F.A.T’s Debut single is “So Naive”. This will be our virgin voyage, all recorded and ready to roll. We don’t have a release date yet but just keep visiting it will be on sale there as well as all cool stores and F.A.T shows.

Cindy: Will it be distributed throughout most stores in Australia?

Dave: We have some stores lined up but mostly we are pushing the internet and shows. We are interested in getting a distrobution deal, Shock Records or something would obviously be cool, but we are taking our time and testing the water.

Cindy: Do you get out and see many bands in your spare time?

Dave: Hell yeah every chance I get. I love goin to shows and I cant understand why you can get like 50,000 punters to the Big Day Out then go and see some awesome local bands a few weeks later and 40 people turn up. It sucks. Going to a show is the easiest thing to do and it does so much for Australian music. Beats watching Home and Away any day.

Cindy: What are 3 of your favourite bands?

Dave: That’s not fair! I have a favourite 300 but here goes, Propaghandi, Irrelevant, Hatebreed. No wait. Arghhhhh……..There’s too many!

Cindy: What has been your King Pin high light so far?

Dave: Getting in to shows for free! Nah. Meeting heaps of cool people and realising that there is a lot of people like yourself who are pushing the Aussie music scene, and the best is yet to come.

Cindy: Where do you see the label headed in 12-18 months time?

Dave: Semi-established. We should have at least two releases under our belt by then, have a solid distribution deal hooked up, and have something good to offer our bands other than money. We really wanna just be a respected label with a reputation for releasing kickarse melodic punk bands who are dedicated and want to achieve.

Cindy: Is there a website we can catch King Pin on?


Cindy: Well I wish you both the best of luck and hope to be hearing talk about you guys through out the industry soon!

Cindy: Are there any last words to sum up King Pin Records?

Dave: Thanks Cindy for this hook up, you rock!