By Cindy Know Exit
Article By Cindy James on Jun 13, 2002

Cindy: So what’s the current line-up of “Know Exit” and who plays what in the band?
Kenny: Kenny-guitar/lead vox,
Cindy: And where’s the band based?

Kenny: Eastern suburbs of Melbourne
Cindy: When did you guys get together?
Kenny: since July last year
Cindy: how did your band name "Know Exit" come about?
Kenny: We wanted a name that had a good meaning behind it, so one day we thought of the name ‘NO EXIT’ but decided to change the NO to a “KNOW”.
Know Exit basically means that we, as individuals aren’t just in the band to play for the sake of playing but to also see people changed through our music. We don’t want to make it sound like we are full on nuns or anything, we actually prefer that people don’t think that we are christians until they meet us and talk to us. Pat (drums) is actually an atheist so we don’t really want people to label us as a "christian" band, we are just normal guys that believe in something we feel is real. o to sum us up, KNOW EXIT means that we know that there is so much more and that there is a better way than what is happening in the world today.
Cindy: What style do you play?
Kenny: here are eight words to describe our style of music....
*Melodic Punk Rock with an Edge of Emo*
Cindy: And what would your greatest achievement as a band be?
Kenny: Less then a month after our first gig we won the Donvale Battle of the bands competition in August 2001
Cindy: Did you find many opportunities arise from the winning?
Kenny: Winning the competition helped build up our confidence as a band, giving us the motivation to want to get better as a band at the same time. We never really expected to win at all, we originally did it for fun, when we realised we won, we couldnt believe it.
Cindy: What would some of the musical influences behind “Know Exit” consist of?
Kenny: MxPx, Strungout, P.O.D, Silverchair,
Cindy: Do you guys have any previous releases or future recording plans in sight?
Kenny: We have one previous recording no longer available for purchase and recording time booked for the end up this month hopefully featuring 5 tracks. We plan to have this E.P released late July Early August?
Cindy: What 3 bands have you played with in the past?
Kenny: Antiskeptic, Wishful Thinking, NoPlanB
Cindy: What 3 bands would you like to play with in the future?
Kenny: MxPx, Strung Out, New Found Glory
Cindy: What was the last gig you went to?
Kenny: Melbourne’s Vans Warped Tour
Cindy: – C.D you bought?
Kenny: Goo Goo Dolls - GutterFlower
Cindy: Where do you see yourself in 12-18 months?
Kenny: Touring interstate, Selling more CD's, playing gigs more than twice a week, supporting big bands
Cindy: Is there a website we can catch “Know Exit” on?
Cindy: O.K have you got any words to sum up “Know Exit”?
Kenny: a young band who just wanna have fun playing their music and get their name heard all around Australia
Cindy: Ok thanks heaps for your time
Kenny: Anytime