Lukstat Lukstat
Article By Cindy James on May 31, 2002


Cindy: So what’s the current line-up of “LUKSTAT”?
James: Stirling Kohler – geetaw
Rob Persian – lead bass and vox
Brendan Bates – drum skins
James Dawson – geetaw and vox

Cindy: And where are you guys from?
James Leichhardt x 2
Ourimbah x 1
Liverpool x 1

Cindy: When did you guys get together?
James We first started out in school with Rob, Brendan and me, (and a couple of other likely lads) in a band called Assume the Position, a dodgy school covers band. We then moved out of school and lost Brendan to Germany for a wee while, and we met Stirls playing dodgy gigs in Sydney about 2 years ago. Had a few drummers between and then got Brendan back, …..phew!

Cindy: How did the band name come about?
James: Watching to many bad Hollywood movies

Cindy: What style do you play?
James: Hard core beat box swing jazz hydro triple beat rock n roll

Cindy: And what would your greatest achievement as a band be?
James: We are supporting Grinspoon on 31st July at the Castle Hill Tavern.

Cindy: What would some of the musical influences behind “LUKSTAT” consist of?
James: There’s a mix of You Am I, Black Crowes, Soundgarden and a hell of a lot of other bands in there.

Cindy: Do you guys have any previous releases or future recording plans in sight?
James: We have 2 independent EPs in the bag called “new born” and “…Bulletproof”, and we are looking at having our 3rd out by the end of September.

Cindy: What 3 bands have you played with in the past?
James: Bluebottle Kiss, Mick Hart, Sickpuppies

Cindy: What 3 bands would you like to play with in the future?
James: Personally, You Am I, Black Crowes (it’s a shame they split before they had the honour to play with us!) and the all round nice guys Pearl Jam

Cindy: What was the last gig you went to?
James: Front End Loader at the Annandale

Cindy: – C.D you bought?
James: Further - Punkrockvampires

Cindy: Where do you see yourself in 12-18 months?
James: Touring and playing more shows with rockin Aussie bands

Cindy: O.K have you got any words to sum up “LUKSTAT”?
James: What the hell is a LUKSTAT?

Cindy James