Article By Cindy James on Jun 3, 2002


Cindy: So what’s the current line-up of “Mdas”?


Liam: Midas is, at the present a two piece, consisting of Evan Long, guitar, drums/percussion, synths, string arrangments and bass. Liam Vocals and Guitars
Cindy: Sounds like a very multi-talented band, do you guys play many gigs?
Liam: At the moment, we've been doing most of our live sets acoustically with S.A.M, (Sydney Acoustic Movement), but we're at the stage where its time to move to the big stage
Cindy: And where is the band based?
Liam: I guess you could say the band is based in two places, the Central Coast and Sydney City Areas
Cindy: When did you guys get together?
Liam: We got together in Summer 2000 coinciding with the breakup of Kickstart (Of which I was lead singer) and Evenshine (Of Which Evan was Lead Guitar)
Cindy: How did the band name come about?
Liam: The name Midas came from the title of a book in Evan's lounge room, The Midas Men, I can't quite remember the author, but it grabbed me cause you know the Midas touch thing? King Midas, touches something and it turns to gold, yeah well whatever that is, I got the opposite
Cindy: What style do you play?
We play I guess what could be called Pop/Rock
Cindy: And what would your greatest achievement as a band be?
Liam: Well I'd have to say that the biggest achievement we've made as a band is a compliment we’ve recieved from a Manager in the industry in Melbourne "The most exciting music (he's) heard in 20 years"
Cindy: What would some of the musical influences behind “Midas” consist of?
Liam: We have a very diverse influence spectrum, it ranges from Matchbox 20, U2, Goo Goo Dolls and Vetical Horizon to bands like Air Supply

Cindy: Do you guys have any previous releases or future recording plans in sight?
Liam: we have two Demo's, The first was titled 'A Simple Dream' in many ways it was much like its sequential recording 'So Perfect' it had a great mixture of up beat and very personal songs, For instance, 'For Amanda' on A Simple Dream, is now replaced with a song like 'I'm Sorry' and songs like That Girl with a song like So Perfect
Cindy: Your songs sound like they come from a real emotional point of view, are they based on real people and if so, anyone in particular?


Liam: Great question. Definately, in fact lately Ive discovered that I'm entirely incapable of writing songs just for the sake of writing. For Amanda is the song that I get the most questions about, For Amanda is actually for a girl I knew named Meredith, I got a phonecall to say that she was doing well last week so I guess I'll have to add another verse. That Girl is about a girl named Lisa Babbage, and the effect she had on the masses simply by being beautiful. I'm Sorry is about my girlfriend Nadine and some things we went through at that time.
Cindy: What 3 bands have you played with in the past?
Liam: We've been playing with Paul Greene and the Other Colours, and the Brett Hunt Band, and also the amazing Melanie Horsnell and friends
Cindy: What 3 bands would you like to play with in the future?
Liam: On the national scale I'd love to play with Taxiride, Internationally its my dream to Support Vertical Horizon, Matchbox 20 and U2

Cindy: What was the last gig you went to?
Liam: last gig I went to was Wendy Matthews at the Basement, it was absolutely amazing
Cindy: How about the last C.D you bought?
Liam: The last CD I bought was SilverChair Diorama, its the most amazing Australian Rock album I've heard to date, well done boys!
Cindy: They’ve also been named the best Australian rock band Australia has produced, with 4 exclusive top 10 albums
Liam: agreed entirely
Cindy: Where do you see yourself in 12-18 months?
Liam: well we've just acquired a Manager in Melbourne, so things are starting roll, hopefully we'll be signed by then and might be recording a single.
Cindy: Sweet well I hope it all goes really well for you guys and I’ll keep my eye out around Sydney for your gigs