By Cindy NoJoel
Article By Cindy James on Nov 11, 2002


No Joel

  1. So what’s the current line-up of No Joel and who plays what in the band?
  2. NoJoel is:

    Phoenix Dollavira – Vocals, Guitar.

    Brad Perriott – Bass, Vocals.

    Matt Turansky – Guitar.

    Dave Babbington – Drums.


  3. Rising out of Sydney’s Northern beaches, it must’ve been a little different with Sydney’s city scene so intense! How did you find breaking into the city scene on comparison to your home town? Were there many opportunities with gig venues, promotions and fan base support?
  4. Sydney’s city scene is never easy to break, as even with shows every weekend you are not ensured crowds. After learning that the city scene works better when you spread your shows around venues, and play with the right bands, we are slowly creating a fan base. Our home-town was a good starter, with shows at local venues such as the Surf Rock, Time & Tide and the Manly Youth Centre (Kanga).

  5. Have you found there to be a high demand for punk in the city?
  6. At the All Ages shows we have played in the city, punk still seems to be what the kids want to hear. They seem to come from everywhere to support live music... As most would agree, the 18+ crowd seems to be getting smaller. Saying that, we have had awesome crowds to our recent shows………..

  7. Were you all in a high school band together or did the band form elsewhere?
  8. NoJoel originally formed in 00’. Joel spent a short time in the band before his death metal influences forced him out, and toward better things. Brad and Matt soon joined and the fun has never stopped.

  9. How long is the current formation?
  10. A year….closer to year and a half now.

  11. I’ve been asked to scope out the actual meaning behind your name, do you care to share?
  12. As mentioned, Joel had death metal influences, and started to worry Ando and Dave with the songs he was writing. He was removed…and hence the name. Joel also had a dream to become an astronaut and left for the U.S. He is now with NASA so good luck to him…

  13. I bet that guy feels privileged now to have a band named after him eh?
  14. At first we were scared he might come after us. He has now downloaded our songs from and loves em. He seems to be happy the band is named after his departure

  15. Being a band branched from the punk soundings, who would you say were some of the original influences behind the creation of NoJoel?
  16. NoJoel were originally influenced by older punk icons such as NOFX, Pennywise, BodyJar and Unwritten Law.

    9. Have they changed as the band’s progressed?

    We are still influenced by BodyJar and Unwritten Law along with new acts such as New Found Glory, Starting Line and Saves the Day.


  17. Nice!!! Can you tell us a little bit about your first release "She falls" and if the disc is still available for purchase?
  18. This was our first EP. We won the recording after coming first in the St Ives Fitz Band Comp., 01’. It was done at Velvet Studios in 14 quick hrs. We only have 35 left out of our most recent press, and these will be the final copies available for sale. Be quick!

  19. No Joel are featured on a compilation show casing 16 unsigned Aussie acts, can you tell us a little more about this compilation and how No Joel came about featuring?
  20. NoJoel were asked by Foghorn Records to appear on Grow Your Own v7.0. The boys considered this a good opportunity with the talent that had already agreed to the compilation. It is out in all good record stores on November 4th, so hopefully it will be up there in the ARIA charts soon.

  21. As goes with scoring yourselves on one of Aus’ best wake boarding video’s to date, "Liquid Malisha 'Insurrection'" having the video featuring two of your songs, which songs are they, and again, how did No Joel come about featuring?
  22. The video features ‘She Falls’ and ‘All The Same’. Ben Tolson, the producer of the video and owner of Liquid Malisha Industries, got our EP from SMP clothing. He liked our tracks and after seeing us a few times live, asked us to have soundtracks to his video. We played the launch on September 14th in front of the best wakeboarders Aus has to offer.

  23. Would any of the above come under the bands’ greatest achievement as a band to-date?
  24. Our sponsorship from Rusty has helped cloth and promote the band. As we are all broke, this is our greatest achievement, receiving a box every 3 months.

  25. What 3 bands have you played with in the past?
  26. We enjoyed playing with Underside when we were in Melbourne. Seraph’s Coal were great…we have played with too many great Aus bands who deserve to be in higher places than they are now!

  27. What 3 bands would you like to play with in the future?
  28. We would love to support New Found Glory, Unwritten Law and Britney Spears.

  29. What was the last gig you went to the band didn’t play at?
  30. Newcastle to see Unwritten Law and Sum 41.

  31. – C.D you bought?
  32. Starting Line- ‘Say it like you mean it’.

  33. All time favourite disc?
  34. Unwritten Law – ‘UL’

  35. Where do you see yourself in 12-18 months?
  36. Hopefully touring Aus, and Ando really wants to get a girlfriend.

  37. Is there a website we can catch No Joel on?

O.K Do you have any last words to sum up No Joel?

Yet again, just like to send our luck to Joel in his job and his ambition to become an astronaut.

Great, thanks so much for your time and hope to catch up at a show one day!

No Joel are playing Friday Decmeber 6th @ The Green Square - sydney w/ New School Hero + Dumbstruck