I sit by and count the days Adelaide rockers jet off on their East Coast tour in support of their current single 'How To Live Today'. Whilst waiting for them to hit Sydney, I conducted an email interview with vocalist Josh to find out a few more things on STR... STR
Article By Cindy James on Mar 2, 2003


Q- So what’s the current line-up of STR and who plays what in the band?


A- There's Nathan on vocals/guitar, Jethro on bass, Joel on drums and myself (Josh) on guitar and vocals.

Q- You guys are one of the only few I have seen rise out of Adelaide of your genre, can you tell us a bit about the Adelaide scene?

A- Adelaide has a really awesome and unique scene. For example, there's heaps of rad bands, but because the city is so small, no scene is really big enough to stay segregated from the others. So you get punk bands playing with hardcore bands, playing with emo and ska bands etc. I think that gives Adelaide bands a different sound as well because everyone's exposed to a whole range of different influences. Also, due to different liquor laws, almost all of the shows in A*Town are all ages which keeps them pretty full on.

Q- Are there any up coming bands we should keep our eye out for?

A- For sure. Look out for One Way Out, Stolen Youth, Edison, Thinktank, I Killed The Prom Queen, Shotpointblank, Cheapshot, Day of Contempt and heaps more I can't think of now. They'll all be heading interstate sometime soon I imagine.

Q- How long has STR been around for?

A- We started in September of '98, so around 4.5 years now.

Q- Was the band originated throughout high school or elsewhere?

A- No we all met pretty much through chance I think. Nathan and our last drummer Craig met by frequenting very early Seraphs Coal shows and decided to start a band. Me and Jethro met them at a youth conference and we went from there.

Q- Your first demo tape has sold really well, are their any copies still available for STR fans?

A- We get the odd request for a tape, but unfortunately the "tape burning" party of 2000 made sure that was not possible. Some of the stuff on there is pretty embarrasing now, but maybe we'll release it again one day on a rarities CD or something. heheh.

Q- Back in 2000, STR toured with Ceasefire further upon our shores to New Zealand yeah? Can you tell us a bit about the New Zealand scene and how the tour went?

A- The tour was great. Obviously some shows were better than others, but we had a rad time and saw some awesome NZ bands. It struck me like another version of Adelaide scene wise. You know, really different bands all playing together, small towns and stuff. But one thing that surprised me was that everyone we met was way cooler than most people here! It may have just been the accent though... Oh yeah, and Ceasefire ruled!

Q- Your current single ‘How To Live Today’ has been doing really well since the release in November and I predict the sales to skyrocket after this up coming east coast tour! I saw the film clip on rage the other night too, it’s really well done, and yet, this single is only a taste of what’s yet to come of STR! I’m really amped to hear the new album, is there a date as yet we can anticipate for the new album?

A- There's no real date set just yet, but we're working to get it out ASAP. Hopefully it should be released sometime around June/July. I'm really looking forward to it though. It's got a little bit of everything that makes up STR, you know, with more room for more styles of songs than an EP allows. It's got a bit of pop-punk, next to some flat out punkrock tunes, with a couple of more experimental rock tunes as well to mix it up. I'm keen to see what everyone thinks.

Q- Has their been a title decided upon as yet?

A- I was pushing for "Weapons of Mass Production" but I don't think the others were too keen...

Q- The single launch is seeing STR head to Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne with in the next few weeks, this being the most extensive tour you guys have done to date, how do you think you’ll cope with being on the road for such long period? Are you’s taking any extra board games in the van this time?

A- We really love touring. I mean, sure it can be pretty tiring, but it's all worth it for the amount of new people you meet and new places you see. It's also a chance for everyone to let their hair down a bit and just have fun. Also, we're flying for most of this trip, so that makes it a bit easier too.

Q- Over the years, STR have gained some really well earned support slots, seeing yourselves land upon both Adelaide’s Warped Tour Festival and Big Day Out, I can’t go without mentioning the Millencolin show too! Is there any larger scale shows in the pipelines after this East Coast tour?

A- I could tell you....but then I would have to kill you.

Q- I’ve been assured to ask you guys, and been left in curiosity to this question, but do you want to share the stories of your drummers uncanny traits that bring him too "spitting targets from long distances" (hint….. Kelts Bar, last Sydney tour) ;)?


A- Well, last year, after we'd finished playing a show in Blaxland, all the bands (Secondbest, Antiskeptic etc.) were all gathered around trying to take a giant band- tour-photo quite unsuccessfully. We were kinda hyped up and pretty much just looking for trouble. I'd just finished telling Joel (our drummer) how appauled Andrew from Antiskeptic was when I'd spat inside earlier. Joel decided it would be fun to try and hit Andrew with some spit of his own, but we were sure it wouldn't make the distance. At least we thought we were sure.... Long story short; Joel's spit went an impressive 20 metres or so with spot on accuracy. Then, when Andrew came looking for vengeance it looked as if I'd done it. I beat Joel down later. The end.

Q- What’s been a STR highlight for you?

A- Probably closing the Adelaide Warped tour would have to be one. New Zealand, every big support we've had, every tour or recording we've done. It's all fun, it's all a highlight to me.

Q- What was the last gig you went to STR didn’t play at?

A- Probably the Seraph's Coal farewell show in Adelaide, with Antiskeptic, Mere Theory and the Killchoir Project. (That's the only one I can remember anyway).

Q- C.D you brought?

A- 'What it is to burn' by Finch, and a waste of money in an "American Hi-Fi" CD. (sigh)

Q- A few of you’re all time favourite discs?

A- Strike Anywhere - Change is a sound

- Propagandhi - Less talk more rock

- Good Riddance - Operation Pheonix

- Taking Back Sunday - Tell all your friends

- Slick Shoes - Burn out

Q- Where do you see STR in 12-18 months time?

A- Conscripted to the army.

Q- Is there a website we can catch STR on?

A- www.str-music.com - also check out www.verticalrecords.com.au

Q- O.K have you got any words to sum up STR/this interview?

A- Thanks for the interview, See you soon cin.

Thanks so much for your time! I’ll catch you boys in Sydney, Cindy