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Article By Cindy James on Feb 24, 2003

So what’s the current line up of the Go Set and who plays what in the band? J.Keenan: guitar/vocals/writer, Jon: bass, Stef: drums, Filthy: bagpipes, tin whistle

There seems to be quite a collaboration of artists from previous renowned outfits, how did the formation of the Go Set come about?

I formed and played in Eddie Would Go for about 7 years, but it felt like it sort of stagnated after a while. We’d done 150 shows a year for 7 years. That’s a lot of shows. The GO Set is the same songwriter, but the band members are from different backgrounds like jazz, funk etc so the music is more involved. Plus they’re all professionals, so getting pissed and taking drugs and all that shit that goes with a touring band is completely under control. Jonny moved over from NZ a year or two back, and Stefan the drummer saw the band last year while his German band DFP was touring, and he’s relocated out here to play. I guess we all found each other because we all want to make a living from playing in this band.

How long ago was that?

About 18 months - 2 years

Can you tell us a bit about the recording of your up coming E.P ‘The New Dimension’ and when we can be set to see if in our CD stores?

Its just been finished. We recorded it in Melbourne with Neil Grey, who just did the new Living End stuff, and its out in stores through MGM in April.

After the release, I hear you guys will be jetting off to Europe. Can you tell us a bit about the tour?

I run a small label, and I have partners in Europe/US etc that put our records out and tour us when ever we want, and in exchange I do the same for them here. We’ve got a series of Festivals and club shows in Germany, Austria, Czech republic, Italy and I think France and Spain

The Go Set has recently picked up a new drummer yeah? How’s he settling in?

He’s having a blast. Can’t speak much English so we just yell at him on stage.. ”faster, faster!!”.

The Go Set seem to have a different spice added in the bands music as apposed to a lot of other generic alternative acts, including the incorporation of bagpipes laced with punk rock undertones, how does this go down with the crowd live?

Believe it or not, the bagpipes are a huge crowd favourite. I think for some strange reason, they create this atmosphere that no other instrument can.

So there’s a healthy scene in your home-town of Melbourne yeah?

Very healthy. Problem is, there’s so many good bands on every night of the week that the competition is high.

How’d the name ‘The Go Set’ come about?

Ah, people used to call me “ The GO” because I managed and played in Eddie Would Go. So it just sort of suited the project.

I read somewhere that before the recording of your EP you guys had 40 songs laid down. And after only 18 months together, that’s pretty awesome! Was it hard selecting the tracks for your E.P?

We’ll probably use a few more of those tracks later in the year. We’re planning a full -length album. So the EP is just a prelude product to get some exposure. I think that to get good songs you have to write everything that’s in your head down. Some of it will be good, and some crap, and then you just filter through everything. Some bands that have a killer album write 70-80 songs to find 12 great ones.

Pigeon hole time!! Can you label your bands music into a certain style/category?

Think 70’s punk rock, a little folk (like DKM), add a lot of Radio Birdman and You Am I type rock/surf rock, and a few weird instrumental pieces, and you’re pretty close.

What are some of the musical influences behind the members of the Go Set?

I’m into old punk rock from The Stooges/Radio Birdman, to the Clash and the Jam, folk/punk music like the Pogues and Billy Bragg, and pop like The Lemonheads/Pavement. Jonny is into bass driven stuff like RHCP, Dave Mathews band, and Primus. Stef is into stadium rock like Kiss and ACDC, and Filthy is into just about anything so long as it has melody.

What three bands have you played with in the past?

The Living End, Super suckers, Rocket From the Crypt.

Three bands you’d like to play with in the future?

Dropkick Murphys, AC/DC, Radio Birdman

Where do you see the band in 12 – 18 months time?

Depends on radio, but certainly on a higher level than now, with a new product out and some publicity.

Is there a website we can catch the Go Set on?

Do you have any words to some up the Go Set? hard...and be nice to your mum.