By Cindy James The Stratton Agency
Article By Cindy James on Jun 21, 2002

Conducted with sean Stratton
1. Hey Sean, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Well I am 27 years old, I live on the Central Coast, I am self employed, own a rehearsal/recording studio here as you can see…
2. Are you the sole owner/creator of this studio?
I am indeed, I started back at the end of 1998, 3 and half years ago and have built from then on.
3. Where about is the studio based?
We’re based on The Entrance Road, Erina on the NSW Central Coast, we are open 24/7.
4. Do you live on site?
No I don’t, I live away from the studio, this is my business, and it’s a big hobby, a rather big hobby.
5. So you have to book prior?
Yes, I offer a 24/7 service so people can contact my mobile all the time, but our trading hours, traditionally are around 5 till midnight Monday to Friday and all weekend
6. How many rooms are available?
At the moment we have two rooms available, one is our live room and our other is our dead room, the difference between the two studios is, studio1 is a live sounding room, very simular to the sound of a small venue. Studio 2 sounds more like a traditional rehearsal room. We’re actually building a 3rd room at the moment which will be a combination of the two sounds giving the bands the flexibility of choice between the rooms.
7. What kind of P.A set up do you have in the rooms?
We have two P.A’s available, in our larger room, studio 1 we have a 400 watt P.A with a double 15” horn speakers, in our smaller room, studio 2 we have a 300 watt P.A. single 15” horn speakers. The biggest difference between the two P.A.’s is that the live room is a digital P.A and the dead room is an analogue P.A. Both rooms use shure mic’s
8. Do you have production equipment for hire?
We do have production equipment for hire, we have stage lights, P.A’s starting from 150watt right up to 1200watt systems, and we also hire instruments, guitar and bass amps and also drum kits
9. Do you offer any other services/facilities other then rehearsal space?
We have recording available, we record quality demos, with Mikey Sammut our engineer/producer. Our recording prices start from $30 an hour and that is available on a Saturday.
10. What is the standard price for a demo CD?
For a demo CD you’re looking at around $300 a day, and at the end of the day you will have a burnt CD copy. The bands then can re-produce the CD in there own time.
11. Where did the inspiration of starting this studio arise?
I was managing bands for a little while, working in other studios, not only on the coast but down in Sydney and had found the facilities weren’t creative enough for bands to develop a product so I decided to start my own studio so the bands that I was managing would have the facilities that they felt they needed to develop and grow there product. This has developed further, I no longer manage bands, the studio is now my main concern, and the music coming out of here demonstrates that. We’ve got some really good music coming out of the studio.
12. Who is the highest profile band that has originated from your studio?
We’ve got two bands, ‘One Dollar Short’ and also ‘The Tenants’ they both use the studio.
13. How many bands do you have rehearsing at your studio at present?
We have approximately 70 bands on our list; some are regular bookings others are casual bookings.
14. Where did you find the direction to get started?
Well I just fell into it, I looked at other studios, saw what they were doing, saw the good, saw the bad and started the studio and have since kept learning from my mistakes.
15. Do you go to many gigs in your spare time?
I do, I mainly go to the gigs that the bands that rehearse here play at, and if they have a gig I make sure I get to it, if I’m not working. I like to support all the bands that use the studio, they support me by coming to the studio and I support them by going to the gigs, bringing all my friends and family to support them.
16. What advancements do you see for the studio in 12-18 months time, if any?
We’re currently building a 3rd room, and we are then going to be expanding next door building our 4th room and also improving our recording equipment, upgrading to a 32 track digital recording, so we then can attempt to do E.P’s and L.P’s recordings.
17. Is there a website we can find more about The Stratton Agency on?
There is indeed you can find us on

Ok well thank you very much for your time

18. Oh Oh wait one more… this is for Grant from in the grey…
I heard your car goes pretty fast… are you still upset about losing the drag race to Grant from In The Grey?
I haven’t had a chance to drag Grant yet but the offer is still open if he still wants too {laughs}

Alright well thanks again for your time!
Cindy James